Raise Resilient Children Tips That Work

Resilient children will adapt better to stress and perform better in school. Here are some tips coming from families that have successfully raised smart, adaptable and resilient children:

  1. Your child should feel a strong connection with another caring adult that will serve as a role model other than you.
  2. Let your child make his own decisions. You must foster this attitude in every stage of his development. And as a part of making his own decisions you should also let him experience the consequences of his decisions and actions.
  3. Let your child feel that you care about what he does and tell him that you expect him to do his best no matter what his best is.
  4. Explore with your child different opportunities to show that he is unique and special. Teach him how to handle genuine compliments with grace when others laud him for his abilities and talents.
  5. Your child will be able to cope better when he feels that he is safe and secure. No matter how stressful your day may be, take time to bond with your kids and to connect with them. Talking to them and sharing about your day with them will make them value you more. They will in turn share something that has happened to them as well. Make this a frequent activity during dinner or at bedtime.
  6. Teach your child to value volunteering. A valuable contribution to the community could be anything from donating clothes, water, food or medicines or offering their time to doing community work. These activities will foster self-awareness and competence; he will also learn how to value himself and others.
  7. Make your child feel that he belongs to a family and that his presence is greatly appreciated. Make him care for a family pet, care for a younger sibling or assign him chores that will fit his abilities.
  8. Explore with your child his roots; browse picture albums, cook your family dish and go to a cultural event with your child.
  9. Teach your kids to accept things that he cannot change and how to improve himself. Every person is unique and this is what makes a person special.
  10. Teach your child how to fight for his rights; this will help foster social justice. Coach him and help him how to argue in a just and respectable manner.