Resiliency is defined as the person’s ability to persevere and adjust in times of adversity. Every person faces adversity, even little kids; as parents we should learn how to transform them into resilient children. Children that know how to react to different kinds of situations do better in school, have more positive social experiences and achieve more professional successes in the future. The technique is to fight back any negative influences to become a resilient kid and adult.

  1. Develop your child’s unique strengths and his innate skills so he can feel good about himself. By doing this, kids will develop a positive attitude about oneself and will easily tackle any kind of activity in a positive attitude too.
  2. Challenge your child’s beliefs. If she comes home crying that no one likes her in class, challenge her beliefs by asking concrete evidence about her claims. By doing this, you are teaching your child to be constructive in her thoughts and to deal with her problems in a more efficient way rather than passing easy judgments.
  3. Teach your child to fight against negative self-talk. Kids often look at the mirror and see only the negative things like she looks too fat, too skinny, too blonde or too dumb. Open her eyes to look at the positives by focusing on the great things that she can do. Mention about her talents like singing, ballet dancing, playing chess, and being good in baseball and so on. This will teach your kids the value of asserting and loving oneself.
  4. Appreciate what they do. Show that you really mean it by posting their work on your social media site, sharing their abilities with your friends and wearing or using what they have made for you.