Learning how to survive in today’s 24/7 work environment is the key to getting ahead in any career or business endeavor and having time for your kids. The secret to be able to do this without felling overworked is to master you time and to use it in an efficient manner. You will feel less pressured and less overwhelmed on your daily tasks when you learn these time management strategies:

  1. Create a feasible to-do list – make it a habit to construct a list of what you will do the night before. When you are finished with one task, place a check mark beside it. You will be able to boost your morale when you have accomplished most or all of the tasks that you have on your list.
  2. Remove possible distractions – there are just too many things that can distract you in this technological world; find ways to ignore these as you focus on completing your tasks. You can do these by silencing your phone, getting out of social media sites and just being in a quiet room of your house or closing your office door.
  3. Do not be afraid to say “no” – face it, you can never do everything at the same time. Be realistic and accept the things that you can and simply cannot do. Make your tasks your priority and learn to finish them before you volunteer for any other work.
  4. Find the best strategy for you – each of us has his own way of doing things, forget about conforming to the way things are done or the typical way that tasks are done. Focus more on how you can do things in your own way. If you like to do your homework in the evenings when everything is quiet then do so or if you prefer to do tasks on your own then by all means do it.

By mastering these simple yet effective time management tricks you will be able to improve your productivity and be able to take on more tasks in a day like never before. And even when there are impromptu activities and spontaneous events that you need to attend to you will be able to do so without feeling guilty about your day. Follow these and you will eventually have more time to spend with your family, your friends, your career and even more time for yourself.